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The Lobster Pot Studio was built on the original Mark Twain property in 1998. It was lovingly designed by the artist and today functions as an active studio and gallery, offering seasonal shows.

The artist lives with her husband and beloved pets, on the site of the old saltbox and draws great inspiration by the property's extensive formal walled gardens, patios and surrounding 160 acres of Stormfield open space.

Circa 1908 (above left) Isabel and her Mother in front of The Lobster Pot, and Isabel (seating in forground) in the back of The Lobster Pot showing the original stone patio. (Photo courtsey of the Wayland Family)

Isabel Lyon, Mark Twain and Ralph Ashcroft at Stormfield, 1908

The Lobster Pot rear view showing patio, 1908

History of the "Lobster Pot"

The world famous writer and humorist, Mark Twain, (aka Samuel Clemens), bought the Lobster Pot, located in Redding, Connecticut, in 1906. He called it the Lobster Pot, because the 1720 antique saltbox, was a destination for the Angel Fish Club.

In 1907 Twain gave The Lobster Pot to Isabel Lyons, his secretary, household manager and companion as a Christmas gift. Twain also lent her money to fix it up...an issue that later would lead to Twain’s writing the “Ashcroft-Lyon Manuscript”. This 429 page manuscript, one of his last major writings and was published in 2015, for the first time, in the final Volume 3 of his Autobiography.

Twain built an Italianate mansion on the acreage which he called Stormfield. This was his last home. After Isabel Lyon left, he lived there with his daughter Jean, and together they founded the Mark Twain Library, which he dedicated to her after her tragic death. Twain died at Stormfield in 1910

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